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Press release - QR Post launch


The software platform relies on the flexibility of QR codes that can be easily scanned to allow travelers to help each other with baggage claim anonymously.

The company QR Post announces the launch of its easy-to-use product, which allows the rapid location of lost luggage by simply scanning a QR code displayed on a sticker. This service, initially designed to remedy the thirteen million pieces of luggage forgotten in stations and trains in France in 2021*, is making its debut in Canada, more particularly in Quebec. The launch of QR Post is timely in this period of disruption at airports.

By scanning the QR code of the misplaced baggage using a smartphone, the vast majority of models of which integrate QR code reading into their camera, anyone can send a short message to the owner of the baggage concerned and notify them of their location. . Everything is done anonymously, both for the person looking for their luggage and the person doing a good deed.

Studies conducted in France show that the clear majority of travelers prefer to avoid luggage tags containing their personal information, which results in luggage being left without any information to trace the owner. It is generally understood that this phenomenon is present throughout the world. QR Post offers an easy and anonymous solution whose use, thanks to a growing community of “QR Posters”, allows people to help each other and solve problems during stressful times of transit.

In addition, the QR Post attached to each piece of luggage can be scanned by the personnel of the transport company, the airport or the station in order to notify their many customers that goods have been located. Ditto for the security and police protection services, which can quickly get in touch with the owners of the luggage and thus avoid the delicate operations triggered by potentially suspicious luggage.

"QR Post's objective is to make people's lives easier and to encourage mutual aid, both from the point of view of the person looking for their luggage, as well as that of the person who notifies the owner, in addition to offering businesses an efficient way to locate their customers' belongings, said Laurent Berns, co-founder of QR Post. In fact, given the many possible applications of our platform, QR Post can be seen as the first step towards a much more elaborate connection of objects, whether they are common daily needs or specific industrial needs. The potential applications are very wide and varied. These days, we could even say that we see as many possibilities as there are bags to find! "

A technology now accessible that has proven its worth

QR Post technology was first developed in 2014 for bottle tracking for the wine industry. Since then, more than 75 million codes have been used in this sector, demonstrating the robustness and ease of the proven QR Post product.

Now that several pandemic-related restrictions have been relaxed, and the resumption of continental and intercontinental travel is bringing its share of logistical problems for airlines and rail companies, these companies are dealing with the hundreds of pieces of luggage lost or forgotten at airports daily. and stations. The management of luggage left behind was already a major challenge in normal times, it is greatly amplified due to the problems generated by the lack of manpower, breakdowns and certain strike movements.

In addition to the solution for luggage, QR Post also offers stickers in the form of key rings that can be attached to any object whose recovery is important. Everything is easily programmable via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which allows the user to choose the means of communication by which to be notified and to personalize a welcome message for the person who has located their property. . The interface is equally customizable for companies, which can use the QR Post to inform their customers and provide important details, adapting the portal to their brand image.

The start-up QR Post, present in France and Canada, particularly in Quebec, founded by Laurent Berns and Thierry Bourge, intends to further develop its product, extend the practical applications of its technology and expand the benevolent family of "QR Posteurs".

*Source: SNCF


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