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Set of 3 Stickers

L'autocollant QR Post mesure  20 mm X 40 mm et se colle sur votre téléphone, tablette, ordinateur etc

Il  is available in French or English with 3 colors:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Brown


Attention, before sticking your label on your phone, don't forget to activate it :-)

Set of 3 Stickers

  • Free delivery from 50 C$ in Quebec.

  • Stick your stickers on your favorite objects to make sure you'll always find them.


    Available in 6 colors, they add a practical and aesthetic touch to the object on which you affix them. 


    The sticker measures 20 mm X 40 mm and is plasticized for greater resistance.


    It can be stuck to all your everyday objects, such as multimedia devices, water bottles, spectacle cases and more.


    Available in English or French in 6 colors:

    Green, Blue, Lavender, Fuchsia, Anthracite, Yellow

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