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Make it easier to find your lost items!


"To solve the problem of lost objects, we are convinced that technology alone will not provide miracle solutions.

Only a self-help community with the desire and aim of finding owners stressed by losing their item can significantly reduce the number of lost items, and the associated stress and economic consequences.

We offer this community a rallying sign: the QR Post connected label:

The QR Post connected label, which integrates a unique QR code to avoid exposing personal contact details. Combined with an easily recognizable, simple-to-use design, the QR Post connects people who lose their items with those who find them in a secure way."

Laurent Berns, Co-founder

Why choose QR Post?

  1. QR Post connects people who lose their belongings (luggage, keys, bags, phones, passports) with those who find them, thanks to a unique QR code that allows the owners of the objects to remain anonymous.

  2. QR Post charges no annual subscription fee, so your QR Post is always active.

  3. QR Post doesn't ask you for any personal data (first name, last name, address, etc.), just an e-mail address and a telephone number so that we can put you in touch with the person who finds your item.

  4. Activating a QR Post does not require registration on a platform.

  5. QR Post is international and works anywhere in the world.


Over 100,000 QR Posts sold already!

Our story

In 2014, Thierry Bourges, one of the founders, developed a unitary traceability platform based on unitary QR codes. 

This platform is used for bottle traceability in the wine and champagne industry, but also in the parapharmaceutical, textile and sanitary control sectors.

More than 75 million QR codes are currently managed by this unitary traceability platform.


In March 2022, during a trip to Iceland, Katia,

the wife of co-founder Laurent Berns, said to him:

"Look at all these problems with lost or misplaced luggage! We could create luggage tags with unitary QR codes to help people." 

He listened! The adventure began.

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